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Low-cost dental centers are a growing trend around the country. While some may offer a low cost option for those who need it, there are plenty of reasons why a private practice is still the best option for your dental care.


Flexible Financing

One of the things people tout about low-cost dental clinics is that they offer broader payment options. However, private practices like King Dental also work with our patients to fit their financial needs. For instance, we accept CareCredit, a healthcare credit card that offers affordable financing without the worries that come with high interest rate.

Commitment: It’s a Good Thing

One of the other perceived benefits of dental clinics, other than affordability, is that there isn’t a need to commit to a specific dentist. While being free to go from one dentist to another may sound appealing, commitment should not be seen as a four letter word in dental care.

Dental centers are often run like big corporations, meaning they can be impersonal, moving you in and out, and then on to the next patient. At King Dental, Dr. Brad King and his team pride themselves on providing old-fashioned personalized care for their patients with cutting-edge dental technology. By saying “old-fashioned,” we mean we treat our patients like family, not a faceless number to move through the system.

We don’t rush our patients out the door. We prefer to develop long, trusting relationships, which benefits you not just because it makes for a pleasant experience. We will know your oral health history because we have your dental records on file and maybe were even the ones who provided much of the care documented in your records. That means we will know your dental needs the best!


Personalized Care

To be clear, low-cost dental clinics are set up with the intent to provide the best dental service possible from qualified dental professionals. And it’s not that you won’t get safe dental care with favorable results. However, there are clear distinctions to be made between those clinics and private practices. The atmospheres are very different and low-cost dental clinics often outsource to labs overseas.  

The level of personalized care you get at a well-run private practice is unmatched. If you prefer to have a dentist who best understands your dental history and takes the time to discuss your care options and answers any questions you may have, rather than rushing through your appointment, a private practice like King Dental is the choice for you.


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