Dental Implants

Not so long ago, replacing missing teeth could only be done with dentures or fixed bridges. Now, the superior choice is dental implants.

Dental implants are considered one of the biggest oral health advancements in decades. They act as a tooth root replacement and anchor the prosthetic tooth or bridge used for patients who have missing teeth. If you are only replacing a few teeth, dental implants are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing teeth, giving you a natural looking smile.

They are also a better choice than bridges, because individual tooth implants can be placed without the need to use existing healthy teeth as anchors. Your teeth, gum tissue and jawbone remain healthy. In fact, the materials used are so complimentary that after the implants are placed, your jawbone grows around it, giving your the strength and stability you were used to with your original teeth.

Dr. Brad King and his team of oral maxillofacial surgeons can provide you with dental implants using the latest technology. Combining the advanced technology of a 3D x-ray system and computer-fabricated guides, we can offer more precise and safe dental work, giving you new teeth that are virtually indistinguishable from your original teeth. Not only will they look great, but you can resume eating whatever you want without any difficulty.

A Superior Alternative to Dentures

If you have dentures, dental implants can help keep them in place. This works by attaching the dentures to the implants. However, many people decide that they prefer to switch to dental implants altogether.

Dental implants are a great alternative, because dentures can cause problems over time, since they don’t stimulate the bone and surrounding soft tissue. This can lead to additional tooth loss and bone deterioration over time.

If you find that you are self-conscious about missing teeth, or have dentures that just aren’t comfortable, dental implants are a great solution to consider.

Dental Implants Portland OR

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